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The Influencers

We’re about that Creative Life.

We all live in two worlds.  The first says that you must obey, follow and conform, if you want to survive. You have to play by their rules.

The Influencers Present believes that just on the other side of this wall; There’s a second world, a creative existence where you CAN be fulfilled.  You can make art AND make money.  You can rap, dance, paint, plan, design, fabricate. You can thrive.

We started out as a party in Atlanta and have blossomed to a groundbreaking podcast, live series of artist talks, in addition to a high culture merchandise shop.

We fanatically believe in a world where creatives can be free; And we believe in you! This is The Influencers Present!


Tune in to The Influencers Present: How to be a Creative podcast! Join our 300,000 + subscribers for entertaining, yet educational info about making it as a creative in this modern world!


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The Influencers Present brand name is a stamp of approval in creative communities nationwide. Join us for our live podcasts, dance parties and sponsored art exhibitions!


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